Letters From England/A Chance Meeting.

I have just completed episode seven of my television series. Originally this was called the Tank. Although the first half of this episode is about our car when we lived in England the rest of it is about how Ned has a chance meeting with Lord Atherton-Hall’s daughter, while eating burgers at Dennis Baskins pub.

As I write this series about two parts of my life, I am struck how when you write something that is semi autobiographical, you change things. Not all happened in these stories and if I was to completely write these stories as they were, then they wouldn’t be as strong. Some would have a hollowness to them and seem incomplete, or seem too short. What I had to do was make the short stories longer and create some stuff that didn’t happen to create something that seemed believable.

Another interesting thing about writing Ned(Who is me or based on me.) is I have played a what if game with him. What if this had happened to me(Ned), rather than the way it happened. What occurs out of some of those situations is a more realistic portrayal of how and adolescent handles himself in a different country. How does he react to English girls as opposed to American girls. How do his parents react to English customs as opposed to American. It’s interesting to play around with the idea of how the English relate to the Livingston’s. The language is a big part of this series for me. American slang is always brought up in front of the English and there is always some sort of translation that goes along with it. The same is true with the English language that must be understood by the American characters.

As usual if you have read the first six episodes I will leave links up so you can read them. If you are new to my series, this will give you a chance to read the series from the beginning. Stay tuned to Episode Eight, season 1 called First Day jitters. This is Ned’s first day in the English school system. I’ve got all kinds of whacky ideas for this.


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