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I stumbled upon this awesome blog called Odd bits about books. This woman has been following my blog and I went to her blog to check it out. In there was a blog about Ovid and Medusa. To the normal person Greek and Roman mythology probably would not interest anyone. I happen to be a guy who was weaned on this stuff by a Mrs. Brisland at Eastergate Primary school in England. This gave way to reading the Illiad and the Odyssey. I immediately wanted to read this and see what it was about. josebees wrote a very insightful piece sprinkled with little humorous anecdotes. Unfortunately for the last day I couldn’t find where I could comment to her and praise her for her piece. Today I found her comments section and put in my two cents. I decided I would go one step further. Here’s her link. Check this stuff out man. I know I am going to read more from josbees.


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