The Third Eye Love Triangle. Who wins out?

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Kitty Lange. Real name Barbara Faltagio. Her Uncle Big Pauli Petrocelli is a capo in the New England Mob.
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Dr. Harriett Alfredsson. Daughter of Dr. Johan Alfredsson, Drake’s mentor. Harriett is a renowned archeologist.

The arch of my show started when I wrote the original movie. In that movie a love triangle developed with Kitty and Harriett fighting over Drake’s affections. There is no love lost between Kitty and Harriet. Kitty knows how Harriett betrayed Drake many years before. Harriett is insulted that Drake would take up with the likes a former mobster named Kitty. Of course other women will come into play long before this triangle begins to unfold. A hard ass DA named Jackie Faresis will appear in the first season. It’s not going to last.

Drake has a tough decision to make. Has Harriett changed her selfish ways and will he return to her, or will he finally let Kitty into his heart after working so long with her. These are questions to be answered in the months and years to come. In the mean time as Fundraiser Theatre prepares for the big summer blockbuster. Watch this trailer.


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