The Third Eye A Different Type of Radio Drama.

Years ago when I put together a movie based around Drake Darrow, the telekinetic Private Eye, I never knew I was going to change it from a movie to a television series and then finally a radio drama. At first it was going to be a radio drama with sound effects and dialogue. I thought about a narrator to read the film action, but it didn’t seem right to do that. I pondered that for a few days and what to do with it. I even started reformatting the pilot with just the dialogue and sound effects. Something seemed missing. How on earth was I going to describe all this action that is going on in the fight scenes or with Drake’s brain. We had to see all that. We needed to visualize that or the audience would be totally lost.

That night as I was editing a trailer for The Third Eye, I was looking at one of the animated shots. The shot told me something huge. It suddenly dawned on me this can’t be your normal radio drama, this has to be different. This has to be visual. It has to look like a comic book, because Drake Darrow is a comic book character. The next day, I added back all my movie action and instead, I put in Visual comic book effect to let my graphic person know this what we see on the screen.

The idea has recently evolved. Now I want these characters to move their mouths in a scene. I wanted to synch it with the actors talking. Now the show will look more like a Saturday afternoon superhero comic book cartoon.

Now keep in mind my idea is not revolutionary. Animated cartoons have been around since Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse. What is different is this has never been tried with a theater company at least as far as I know. It has never been tried with an online theater company. The other aspect of this show that is slightly different, is when you watched Spiderman, or the Fantastic Four did those series have an arc? No you just watched Spiderman’s latest skirmish with the Green Goblin or Doc Oc. This one does have an arc.

What I am hoping is that I have created enough suspense and intrigue into this series that you will want to tune in every week and discover how it plays out. I want you to feel each roller coaster ride that Drake and Kitty take. I want you to root for Drake and Kitty even when things look lost. I hope that you will hiss and boo at Shadow, Morphine and Clayton Baxter. I want you to be mystified by Drake’s spiritual guides as they lead him to a higher consciousness. I want you to use your imagination. I want you to be drawn in by the unbelievable X-files quality and blown away by it when it occurs.

I promote this show a lot on Facebook. If I come off as an obnoxious over confident SOB, I can assure you that’s far from the case. What you see is my passion coming out and my drive. Not just for this show, but for what theater and story can be if given the chance. I’ve been living with this guy since I was in my latter years in college. Drake started out as a lawyer in another series and then became a telekinetic Private Eye in this one. His story is fascinating to me. I hope it will be just as fascinating to you. if I can keep you fascinated by Drake Darrow, Kitty Lange, Harriett Alfredsson, Father Michael, Ringer then you will be back for more. If I can keep you coming back for more, then that means I have done my job. My job is to take an hour out of your life and help you escape any troubles or worries you may have.

I hope that you will enjoy this show and remember one of the first lines the Dream Keeper has in the Pilot Episode. “Dreams are reality and all reality is a dream.” It will become useful later as you watch this show and experience the thrill ride you are about to take.


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