Fundraiser Theatre has principal roles still open.

Fundraiser theatre still has some principal roles still open.

Dr. Harriett Alfredsson-An Archeologist and ex-wife to Drake Darrow. She’s flighty, spoiled and still holds a torch for Drake. She always manages to show up in Drake at the most inopportune times, particularly if their work collides.

Dr. Johan Alfredsson-A retired Physicist and Drake’s mentor. He met Johan’s daughter Harriett through him. Alfredsson is an authority on the Philadelphia Experiment and The Lost City of Atlantis.

Sheriff Joe Duncam. Joe is from Tyban Georgia where he was a Football star in high school and a gulf war veteran. He moved to Ann Arundel County Maryland with his family and ran for Sheriff and won. He and Drake don’t always see eye to eye, but they learn to respect one another.

FATHER MICHAEL BARRY. Drake’s guardian. He took Drake in as an orphan. He discovered at an early age Drake was intelligently gifted with an IQ of 190. He holds key secrets to Drake’s past.

CAPTAIN WILLIAM S. PENDLETON. A key clue to Drake’s past. William Pendleton leads a navy Seal Team into Iraq to take out an ISIS Commander. Drake must rescue him and when he does, he discovers Pendleton is his childhood bully.

BIG PAULI PETROCELLI. BIG PAUL OR BIG PAULI as his niece Kitty refers to him. He was a high ranking Capo in the New England Mob, or was he? A Vietnam vet, who saw combat with Shadow’s assassin Morphine. Big Pauli was murdered under murky circumstances. Some say the Mafia, others like his brother think it went a little high than the mob.


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