Fundraising Event, Pigeons By The Charles.

I have talked about my play Pigeons By The Charles which is my third play I have written. I am at a stage where it is time to have the play read. In this time of a pandemic this may seem crazy, but with the innovation of Zoom, it makes this all possible. I am doing two things with this. I am currently using this as a fundraiser for my Dad, who is a retired and well respected theatre professor at New England College in Henniker New Hampshire and an actor at a Summer Stock theatre in Tamworth New Hampshire. If you saw “In the Bedroom,” than you saw the poker scene. The guy with the Baseball cap who recited the poetry is my Dad. I am trying to get my Dad a dressing room named after him at the New England College theatre. The cost of the naming right is $25, 000. I have currently raised, $8,503.00 for this project.

I am currently seeking actors to help me Zoom read this play. I have cast three so far. This is on a first come first served basis. Whoever contacts me before I cast the entire show, you are in. I have posted this on Facebook and my Facebook page the Cope Murray Campaign. I also have massed mailed to a list of actors on my email list. The other place I have posted is to my hometown board, the Tamworth Exchange. I don’t expect to receive many responses from this, but nothing hurts. The play has 3 men and 3 women in it. I am also looking for someone to read the Stage Directions. The three actors I have cast so far are men. So I at least have the men somewhat cast. The person that reads the stage directions does not have to be male or female. I have not determined the time and date yet for this event. I am including a brief rehearsal process so actors can become comfortable reading the script. If you are interested in this, contact me at this email.


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