Peter C. Murray




     Hi, my name is Peter Murray. I am a script writer and this blog is a rebirth for me. I started it three years ago, but I could never find the time for it. Now that I am between jobs, I decided to start again. My background is unique. My father is a retired theater Professor and Actor and both my parents acted at a Summer Stock theater for close to 60 years. So it was natural that I became interested in theater. At first I wanted to be an actor and I went to Johnson State College in Vermont with that specific purpose and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Somewhere along the line, my love for writing scripts took over. I have written a few plays, two produced in Vermont and New Hampshire. I also have written a few screenplays and I am currently working on a television pilot. Here’s hoping I can network and have someone buy it. I am writing this blog with an idea of sharing ideas with other script writers. I hope you will come visit as I plan to share a lot of content here. Remember if your a script writer, the script is the thing.  Continue here.  A Script Writing Blog???