The Third Eye. Meet the team.


Joe Duncam is another member of the team. Originally from a fictitious town called Tyban Georgia, Joe was a high school Football star and then became a decorated war hero, fighting in Desert Storm. When he returned he decided to get into law enforcement and landed in Ann Arundel County and ran for Sherriff and one.

Before the Pilot Joe and Drake had a few contentious run ins and Drake ended up in Joe’s drunk tank. The two were like oil and water at first. Even in the Pilot they are in the midst of the oil and water relationship when Joe Umpires a Baseball game that Drake is coaching. The two get into a heated argument about a bad call Joe makes, which leads to Drake being kicked out of the game. In time these two will see eye to eye and in time Drake will call upon Joe for his help. However, the one thing Joe doesn’t want…he doesn’t want Drake to do anything foolish or rile him up.


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