The Third Eye is coming/Meet Kitty Lange

An idea of Kitty Lange in my head.

Coming Soon to the Internet, The Third Eye.

Meet Kitty Lange. One kick ass lady. No she isn’t Fiona Glen Ann from Burn Notice, but this is the image I had of Kitty in my head. I had Kitty in my head long before Fiona Glen Ann came along. If these two met, they’d definitely be the best of friends. You see Fiona Glen Ann is a retired IRA terrorist, while Kitty is an ex mobster through her Uncle Pauli Petrocelli, a Capo in the New England mob. The Federal witness Protection program moved Kitty to Annapolis and got her a job working for Father Mike at St. Patricks orphanage for boys. Father Mike realized that Kitty didn’t have any typing skills, so he found her a job working for Drake. Father Mike figured even though, Kitty was an inept receptionist, Drake would put up with her. When Drake met Kitty he was in the midst of a brutal battle with some thugs who broke into his boat looking for something. Just as Drake thought it would be curtains for him, Kitty used her kickboxing skills and saved the day. She earned Drake’s respect and instead of making coffee and typing letters, he hired her as his partner. Kitty Lange coming soon in the Third Eye. Things are about to get explosive with Kitty.


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