Coming Soon. The Third Eye/Ringer

A composite of Ringer. The blond lone gun man guy from X-Files.



In the back story of The Third Eye, Drake discovers his identity has been stolen and he is incensed. Drake manages to track the mysterious identity thief to Waldo Kasparsky. Waldo is a long haired wise ass computer geek known as Ringer to his computer gaming friends. He hates the government and believes in Government conspiracy theories. Drake is about to file charges on Ringer. Ringer is looking at a thirty year stretch in prison. Drake discovers Ringer stole the money to pay for his back rent. His landlord was about to kick Ringer and his cat Mr. McPhee off the trailer lot. Drake reaches a compromise with him. Drake pays the back rent in exchange for Ringer’s hacking skills. Ringer’s hacking skills bring in a whole lot of intriguing information for Drake.


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