The Third Eye a teaser to wet your appetite.

A composite of Drake

At Christmas New Hampshire NPR broadcast The Peterborough Players radio drama “Miracle on 34 Street.” I’ve seen the movie many years ago. I was in heaven. It was fascination to drift off and use my imagination as I heard a myriad of sound effects. It took me back to my childhood in Tamworth when WMWV (our local station in Conway) would run an old Fibber McGee, or the Shadow and I delighted in hearing it.

In the next few months I have a big announcement and part of my plan involves something called The Third Eye. Here’s an idea of the story.

Drake Darrow, orphaned at birth, and brought up at an orphanage run by Father Michael Barry, grows up to be a brilliant scientist working on a scientific experiment for Military Intelligence. When the experiment goes horribly wrong, Drake is left scarred for life, but also comes away with metaphysical powers, such as reading minds, moving objects, levitating and seeing the future through his third eye. He returns to civilian life bitter about the government and the military and takes to drink. The only problem is the alcohol mutes his metaphysical powers and only water can get them back.

Years later Drake works in Washington DC as a Private Detective for the powerful Senator George Peters. Peters is on a crusade to clean up corruption in Washington, but he has his own dark past. Senator Peters receives the most interesting cases from a man simply known as Source. Who is Source and whose his wife? Most of the cases Drake is given lead to one man named Shadow and his enforcer Morphine. We discover that Shadow and Drake are linked somehow.

Drake solves his cases with the aid of his spiritual guides Tsu Li, a Buddisht monk and a strange man deep in the bush of Australia simply known as the Dreamkeeper. Along for the ride is his rag tag team. A wisecracking computer hacker named Ringer.

A computer hacker named Ringer, a former mob informant named Kitty Lange, who thinks Drake has nuts for brains, and Sherriff Joe Duncam. With the aid of an odd team of characters, such as an ex computer hacker named Ringer and a former mob informant named Kitty, Drake ferrets out the Senator Peters, receives the most interesting cases from a man simply known as Source.
A composite of Ringer.

A former mob informant with a nasty roundhouse kick, Kitty Lange,

A composite of Kitty Lange.

And your average garden variety Sherriff named Joe Duncam, who hates it when Drake riles him up.

A composite of Joe Duncam.

And who is Thoth and what importance does he have to Drake?

Within the next few months my new venture will be revealed. It involves Drake Darrow The Third Eye.


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