Letters From England/First Day Jitters

This episode is largely about how we deal with stress. I find stressful situations to be amusing, so I often write about them. The first day for all four members of the Livingston family is a very exciting new moment for all them. Originally my plan was to tell the entire story through Ned’s eyes. It would be his first stressful day of school. The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize the whole family should have some interesting stressful moments.

I must say this episode was difficult to write, but very rewarding and fun as I chopped and changed it. I had a different teaser, but it was making the script a bit longer than I would have liked so I started it from the First trip to school at the bus stop. Ned has all sorts of interesting things happen to him there. One is stressful and a true story. He meets a girl here, based on a girl I knew that seemed to have a crush on me. We eventually became friendly and would talk at the bus stop.

Ned is not the only one we deal with. Eileen has a particularly bad day, when two Cash registers break down and she has to deal with the entire campus of students buying textbooks, to make matters worse, she is confronted with an absent minded Economics Professor and here is where we finally meet, Free Wheeling Frank. It’s a tease leading into the Free Wheeling Frank Episode. In the next Episode I want to have Eileen narrate the episode as if she were narrating a film noire movie.

Blake also has an interesting moment teaching his first class called the History of British Theatre. Here, he is confronted by and antsy student named Clarice Jennings, She is antsy for one particular reason, which ends up becoming quite the accident.

Darcy also is confronted by her first day jitters. She attends a school in Westerly. As I described it through Ned’s eyes, she chose the school where all the juvenile delinquents attended. I was never sure why my sister chose that school. She eventually ended up transferring out of there to Littlehampton. Her day starts off with struggling with her locker, when Lucy Swan shows up and offers to help, she is reluctant. After all this is Noah’s ex girlfriend and a woman who blames Darcy for their breakup.

The other aspect of Ned’ day that is based on a real moment is the English teacher, my first form year. As I had said in my previous blog Gareth Langmere is a combination of two characters, one from Eastergate(The Soccer talent.), the other from Chichester high. This story concerns the Chichester guy. The English teacher we had that year came into a classroom full of wild animals. My first form gained a quick reputation as being the most rambunctious class of all. She had heard about it. The first day Mrs Hedges as I named her, came into our class to lay down the law as she saw it and her rules. This didn’t sit too well with my friend(Who at the time I didn’t know all that well. This was really my first introduction into his personality.) This guy, a son of a military man, had a certain cocky swagger about him. As I said in the previous post, he wasn’t afraid of anybody or any situation. When Hedges left the room for one moment, my friend immediately paced the room and jumped upon the desk and immediately starting giving a soliloquy that would have reminded you of William Wallace at the battle of Falkirk. He was not best pleased. I think my buddy had felt he didn’t do anything to deserve Mrs. Hedges scorn. If he couldn’t accept it, none of the rest of the class should either. I think the idea was to lead some sort of coo in this class. The most memorable part of my friend’s speech was a classic and it was almost cliche, because I had seen and heard it on English Television and movies many times. Yes, the who does she think she is, the bloody queen of England speech. I call this scene the bloody queen of England speech. Even though he got caught by Mrs. Hedges mid speech and was sent down to the head of first, it was the defining moment in the speech and among his peers this chap gained a whole lot of respect. Nobody ever picked on him or challenged him. Not that anyone ever would, you see this fellow was one mean hombre for a short guy(Although he had quite a bit of muscle.). He was never to be trifled with. This is all part of Ned’s day. By merging the soccer guy and the Chichester guy together I was able to create this one interesting character that Ned comes to admire and respect throughout his time in England. One aspect that did pop in with this character that I hadn’t suspected, is his mind is always active and he has interesting ideas in his head.

So here is the completed draft of First Day Jitters, Episode 8. Once again, I will link all the other episodes and you can read those to catch up.


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