Mr. Robot

mr-robotIf you haven’t seen Mr. Robot, then you really must.  It is a relevant show and it is relevant to the times we live in.  If you are concerned about freedom of speech, then this is definitely a show you must put on your viewing calendar.  It is a show about computer hackers.  Think Anonymous and then you have a pretty good idea as to what this show is about.  I have just finished watching season two(Or in the old days of tv viewing the first half of season two), and I have found it to be very riveting.  It takes a while for season two to get going, but if you stick with it, you will find some of the most spine tingling, riveting television you are ever to watch.  Ramie Malik(The Pacific) plays Elliott the computer hacker whose sole purpose is to use his hacking skills to take down the biggest bank corporation called E-Corp.  His challenges are many, first he’s not all there.  He’s a bit schizophrenic as he sees his dead father(Brilliantly played by Christian Slater) tries to help him take down, the biggest one percent.  Second he starts to get a conscience in season two as his plans have been taken over by another entity from China and he’s a little suspicious of their purpose.  The second season is not only full of surprises, but it is much darker than the first, although there is one episode that decides to lighten it up,  with the first half hour being played as a 1950’s sitcom.  I found myself in hysterics, just by Malik’s reaction to some laugh tracks in the background.  I truly enjoyed that.  Rami Malik is phenomenal in this.  He acts a lot more with his eyes than with his emotions and that makes him that much more magnetic to watch. There are other co-stars who are just as brilliant.  Carly Chaikin plays his sister and fellow member of the hacker group F-Society, Portia Doubleday(caught into this web of intrigue, just because she grew up with Elliot), is equally intense to watch.  This is my latest it show, because it’s about now and what’s going on in our turbulent world.  I am pretty sure you can find this on USA Network, if not try Xfinity on Demand.  The acting is intense, the storylines are well crafted, the dialogue crisp and sharp and it’s a gamer changer right now as far as television is concerned.  If I were to give this show a five star rating, five big stars.


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