A Writing Idea at A Rock Concert.

grace-potterI know, I know why can’t you turn that mind off?  I never know when a writing idea is going to hit, it can be at the store getting groceries, something funny happens at work, or a walk of a bike ride.  However, that is the mind of a writer.  You absorb what is around you.  You take in every smell, sound, taste and experience you can, to prepare for potential brilliance.
Last night the idea happened at a rock concert.  My best friend and his wife were in the area and bought a campsite for a concert in Burlington Vermont called Grand Point North, which Grace Potter puts on every year.  Along with them, was a friend of theirs named PK, one of the funniest mellow guys you’d ever would met.  It’s about an hour before Grace Potter and PK and I are talking about rock concerts and he tells this very humorous story about the rock concert from hell, he attended down south.   As he is telling this story, suddenly the light bulb goes off and I have an idea.  There have been a few movies written about Rock bands, but never about the fan.  My idea was that this fan has always wanted to see his favorite band live and he’s never been able to and along the way to the concert all these wacky things start happening to him.



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