When The Unexpected Happens, Go With It.

Ringer imageThere are times, when your script takes an unexpected turn.  What do you do in those moments?  You go with it.  Always go with it, because your characters are leading you where they want you to go.  You’d be surprised where it can lead.
I just had it happen in Episode Three of Third Eye.  All of my characters have some sort of link to Drake’s case, or other characters have a link to Drake’s team.  Take the hacker, Ringer, computer nerd extraordinaire.  Drake has asked him to find out who Morphine is.  So he sends a shot of Morphine’s passport.  Drake, knows the named Leonard Brizzard has to be an alias, as the guy’s tailing him.  So he sends Senator Peters, who in turn calls Ringer and explains the passport.  Senator Peters thinks the same thing, this guy has to have an alias.  He tells him he might try breaking into the CIA website and check out the Black Ops program.  Ringer informs Peters that there’s no way he’s going to be able to do that.  The CIA has the most impenetrable security around.  Then he gets an idea.  He will call his old friend Warlock, who was on the ground floor of the mysterious Hacker group, named Redpath(Think Anonymous), he may just be able to help him.  Warlock informs Ringer, the only way to do this, is to break into the CIA headquarters.  He has a friend who is part of Redpath, who works IT there with a secret level security clearance.  Now I knew Warlock was not on the up and up, he’s been paid by Shadow to stop Redpath from destroying all the work he is doing behind the scenes. As the dialogue for this scene hit me, an brilliant idea popped into my head.  How is Source getting his information that he turns over to Peters and Drake.  Easy he’s the head of Redpath, that no one has ever met.  Another reason Shadow is using Warlock, he knows Source and he wants him out of the way.
When this idea hit me, it was Ringer, Warlock, Source and Shadow speaking to me.   A brilliant idea can come out of nowhere, it can come when your writing a scene.  You may be stumped where something is going and the bam!  That one scene makes all the difference and it creates what you’ve been waiting for.  So always go with that idea that hits you, even if you think it is bat crazy.



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