Lessons Learned Writing A Series.

PI for diary 2 My first serious attempt at writing a television series, is a quite challenging and I am learning a few lessons along the way.
The first lesson, inevitably something happens that you hadn’t expected.  Not a bad thing, in fact in this case it’s very good, as I have been struggling with a way to sneak Kitty’s backstory in as early as possible.
Last  episode Kitty was kidnapped, by Morphine and The Iraq Secret Service.   With the help of Drake’s Spiritual Guide, Tsu Li, she manages to get out of it, however Kitty doesn’t always think before she acts.
Morphine manages to dig into Kitty’s past.  It’s a past she would rather not tell Drake about or her life as a Private Investigator blows up in her face. She’s desperate for some answers and kidnaps Farooq, one of the guys that held her.  They take off in his vehicle and head out of Mosul.  While she drives, she presses Farooq pretty hard for answers.
He refuses to say anything and when Kitty’s at his most desperate, he dies from taking a cyanide tablet. Suddenly Kitty realizes she’s in big trouble.  She held a flight attendant at gun point, stolen her identity, then brought an illegal weapon into a foreign country, and hot wired a car.  She pulls over to the side of the road to think.  As she does, a US Military Officer pulls up behind her to see if he can help her.  She escapes down an embankment, as the Officer approaches her car, she steals his jeep.  This gives me a perfect way of bringing in her backstory.
he second thing I have learned, is that as I am forging  scenes for future episodes pop into my head.  What I’ve decided to do, is to create a file, which I will call future scenes and write them when they hit me.  This way I can refer to them as I get them.  I called my last episode Riddle Wrapped Inside an Enigma.  When you least expect it that riddle is answered while you write.


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