Character Dilemmas


There are always writing challenges, some you dread and others you relish.  When a character has been put into a dilemma, personally I love the challenge and I am beginning to relish the ones I dread too.  It took me a while to get to that point, but I have weathered a few storms now and I take great delight in it.  Those dreaded ones happen when someone point out something you hadn’t thought of.  However; my favorites are always the ones my characters get themselves into.  I have created one in my second episode of Third eye for Kitty Lange.  She’s been kidnapped in Iraq.  How does she get out of this?  That’s for me to figure out and I relish the chance to do it.  She’s a former mobster in the federal witness protection program.  She was hired to do secretarial duty for Father Mike.  She was awful at it.  Father Mike didn’t want to keep her jobless as he liked her, so he pawned her off on Drake.  What Drake discovered is that she had street smarts.  Something he could use in case he got in trouble. That’s exactly how they met, Drake was in ambushed and she helped him out.
I know the series is in it’s early stages, but having Kitty kidnapped was necessary for her character development and backstory.  Of course Drake has no idea that she is in the federal witness protection program and she would like to keep it that way.  Part of her agreement with the Government is that she cannot associate with any felons and that she cannot carry a weapon or commit any crimes.  However, Kitty has already broken that.  Father Mike has his own demons to deal with.  He does not want Drake to know anything about his past or who his real parents are.  Kitty agrees to go to Iraq as Drake’s backup.  She manages to get a gun and holds a Flight Attendant at gun point, only so she can get on Drake’s plane.  Whether Drake wants her there or not, Kitty is going to make sure he comes back alive one way or the other.  How will I get her out of this?  I am not sure, but one of the luxuries of spending almost twenty years with a character is that you get to know them pretty well and you know what makes them tick and how they would get out of it.  First of all make sure you have a back door.  A back door is a secret way out.  Now you may not know that right up front, but something will happen within the scene that triggers it and when it does bingo.  Kitty is street smart, she will use everything her Uncle and her mob associates taught her to come through.  So Kitty’s kidnapped by some Middle Eastern men,(They are aligned with some very nefarious men out to destroy Drake.) you need not worry about this Italian spitfire, she will get out of this some way or the other and when she does, expect it to be explosive.  For my first installment of In the Works go here.




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