When You Inspire Others.

TALES FROM O'Reilly's PorchThe Stain On CatriaThe Making of Daniel
When you help someone out while they are blocked, you feel pretty good about it.  When it’s your father and he’s had three books self published, it’s feels even better.  My Dad, a former Theater Professor, Director and Actor has always had a passion to write.  He’s written three and this one here is the book he has been working on the longest. It’s called A Tale From O’Reilly’s Porch.  He spent well over thirty years to write this book.  Through the years he has been to various publishers without success and then Kindle and Amazon came along and he found the wide wonderful world of self publishling.  Which is good, because my Dad is a talent and I’m not saying that because, he’s my Dad, I’m saying it because it is true.  Oh and in case your wondering that you’re way too old to write, my Dad published all three of these books in his eighties.  So you’re never too old to write a novel.
Last night, I went to bed really early and I was fighting sleep with the heat and the fact I received two phone calls from telemarketers and two others that I felt could wait.  When Dad called me at 8:30, I was about to fall off, but didn’t.  I heard my caller ID go off.  When it’s your Dad and he’s eighty five, you answer, because it could be an emergency.  So I picked the phone up.  He called to thank me.  My blog had actually solved his writers block issue and he told me he had been writing all day.  Something I had said about once the ideas start coming, they don’t stop.  Well Dad was in that mode now.
Now Dad has been struggling with writers block for some time.  He’s not been able to solve his latest problem, which is turning my Grandmother’s script treatment into a book.  The idea is awesome.  It’s set in World War two, I won’t go any further than that, because hopefully Dad can get this done and I want you to buy it and help this man sell some books.  Of the three books that you see up here that he has published, I would suggest “The Making Of Daniel a real pager turner and they all can be purchased at amazon.com or kindle.  Just type in any of the titles here or Clapham Murray and you should find them.  If Clapham Murray doesn’t do it try W. Clapham Murray.




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