Drake’s Spiritual Guides

One of the great things about writing a Science Fiction is that it allows you to embellish.
For me, it not only allows me to embellish, it allows me to ask the question what if?  I always enjoy playing with what if, when I am writing.
Drake Darrow had his roots as a screenplay character.  In the movie he is in search of a link to Atlantis which takes him to Egypt.  A funny thing happened on the way to researching Egypt.  I found a myth that links Egypt to Atlantis through a God named Thoth.(Pronounced thought.) Thoth-amon The rumors were that Thoth, the God of magic and fire(Read the stories of Osiris, Isis and Horus @ http://www.crystalinks.com )had migrated with the survivors of Atlantis to Egypt and the Atlanteans had taken their knowledge with them there.  Myth also has it,  that the surviving Atlanteans helped build the great pyramids and the Sphinx.  Who knows if this is true.  I did extensive research on Thoth and came across something interesting.  There are 12 pyramids across 12 different parts of the earth.Sphinx with pyramid in background   (http://www.crystalinks.com/12pyrthoth.html)They are called Thoths 12 pyramids.  Each Pyramid is rumored to lead to a higher level of consciousness.  Each pyramid has a guide that leads you to that next plane.  When I found this I nearly went nuts with excitement.  My imagination soared to new heights.  What if Drake had met Thoth after an accident in his coma.  Thoth fears what happened to his civilization, is about to happen to earth and he tells Drake he has been chosen to save earth from itself.  He tells him he has twelve spiritual guides from twelve different Pyramids around the globe.  They will all come to him and guide him through his maturation process.  In the early portion of my series we concern ourselves with 2.  Others will follow.  First Drake meets the very strange interesting character called The nanditas-dream-keeper-2-Dreamkeeper.  The Dreamkeeper is located in the bush of Australia at Pyramid seven.  He is Aboriginal and brings Drake important messages through his dreams which help him solve cases.  When I read about the Dreamkeeper, it hit upon a theory about dreams.  My theory has always been that we travel in our sleep.  Could the Dreamkeeper be responsible?
The second guide that Drake meets is the most important one.  He is at Pyramid Six located in the mountains of Tibet.  TSU LITsu Li is a Tibetan Monk, who has passed through the twelve lives and twelve resurrections.  He is millions of years old and knows all and sees all.  He is the keeper of knowledge and wisdom.  He knows how to harness Drake’s telekinetic abilities.  Thoth tells him he is to go to Pyramid Six on a pilgrimage and drink from his wisdom.  He not only teaches Drake how to harness his abilities, he teaches him how to be centered and about balance.  Through Tsu, Drake learns about Buddhism and gives up the Catholic teachings he was taught.  At times this can cause Father Michael a great deal of consternation.  Tsu, teaches Drake how to fight, not with a gun, but a set of Gold Nun Chucks that radiate an electric energy much like he has.
Through the series Tsu Li will act as Drake’s conscience.  He knows that Drake’s drinking is his weakness and he constantly warns him that in order to use his telekinetic abilities he must keep his mind free of alcohol and drugs.  Any foreign substance that Drake ingests becomes like Kryptonite to him.
Tsu not only warns Drake, but when he needs help, they have a telepathic line open and Tsu will show up in animal form or as himself.  He has a special magical orb that he uses to protect Drake or attack the enemy.
In my movie, Tsu was very prominent, but somehow I had written him as a caricature and I wasn’t happy with him.  I had this fear that I was going to recreate the mentor to David Carradine’s character in Kung Fu, which I didn’t want.  Luckily, I never watched much of that series, so I wasn’t sure if I had or not.  As always my character’s scream at me, telling me if I got them right.  Tsu was pretty quiet until, I wrote a flashback scene where Drake gets his tutelage from Tsu.  He quietly bowed his head and told me I got him right.  He wondered what took me so long.   It’s not that it took me so long Tsu, it’s just
that I hadn’t figured out how cool you were.  Now that I know we can move forward and so can Drake.


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