Third Eye Characters

When I recreated Drake Darrow, he was a movie character, but then I realized that he was the type of character you would never be bored with, so I turned him into a Television character instead.  In the transition, I took many of the characters from the movie and put them into show.
After watching Burn Notice. Burn Notice teamI decide that Drake should have his own team.  Many of those characters came from the movie.  It wasn’t because Drake wanted or needed a team, it was because they liked and cared for Drake and wanted to help him.   Some of them just fell into his life, like his partner Kitty Lange and some members of his team are hidden.   Meet the Third Eye Team.

                                                              THE TEAM:



      Father Michael Barry is in charge of St. Patrick’s orphanage for boys in Baltimore Maryland.  He’s Drake’s guardian, and the man who raised him.  He worries about Drake and constantly meddles in his life.  Sometimes his meddling has positive consequences.  At other times, the purpose is to keep Drake from discovering his dark past, that only Father Mike truly knows.

                                                                    KITTY LANGE.

fiona-glenanne-machine gun

Kitty Lange is a lot like Fiona Glennann  from Burn Notice, but instead of an ex IRA terrorist, she’s an an ex Boston Mobster.  Her real name is Barbara Faltagio.  She ratted out the mob and went into the Federal Witness Protection Program.  They changed her name to Kitty Lange.
Kitty used to work as Father Mike’s Personal Assistant, but Father Mike found, she didn’t have the necessary skills to do the job so he pawned her off on Drake. When she met Drake, he was fending off to thugs trying to break into the cabin of his yacht.  Kitty took command used her martial arts and kicked the crap out of them.  Drake was very impressed and hired her to be his partner.
The two work well together.  Kitty is Drake conscience and his most trusted ally.  She’s never afraid of giving her opinion and Drake listens to her.

Sheriff Joe Duncam
Sheriff Joe Duncam is a good old southern boy, who moved to Ann Arundel County Maryland from Tyband Georgia.(Tyband is a fictitious town in Georgia.)  Joe is a former Marine and high school Football star.
When Drake and Joe first met, they didn’t see eye to eye at all.  Most of the cases they worked on seemed to be connected and Joe felt threatened by it.  Eventually the two managed to find common ground and there is a mutual respect for each other.  However, sometimes Joe thinks Drake’s a God darned fool and sometimes Drake just likes to get under the good ole boys skin.

                                                     SENATOR GEORGE PETERS.

     capitol-hill-4     Senator Peters and Drake met many years ago when Drake was a Physicist.  Peters was impressed with Drake.  He witnessed the sabotage of Drake’s Quantum Physics experiment, and sensed that it had been tampered with.  When Drake’s special telepathic powers kicked in, Military intelligence saw to it that Drake was institutionalized.  Senator Peters, hired a good lawyer and managed to get Drake out, but not before some serious damage was done.
Once Drake became a Private Investigator, Peters hired him to blow the lid off some highly classified Government cases.  The deeper Drake travels into these cases, the more clues he finds to his past and Peters.  The cost could be a high price to pay for Peters and may destroy his Presidential ambitions.

                                                 CLAYTON HORATIO BAXTER.
is (2)
Drake’s former boss at Military intelligence and now a high profile NSA Agent.  Baxter is a self centered man, who thinks about only himself and his own future.  Drake and Clayton have a checkered past. After Drake’s sabotaged experiment,  Military Intelligence wanted to silence Drake.  He knew too much about what went on at Montauk New York.  They pressured Baxter into having him committed.  While Drake was institutionalized Baxter stole Drake’s wife.  Drake and Baxter are always at odds, but as the series moves along, they find they have to work more and more closely together.  The secrets that both dig up are shocking for both of them.

                                                    DOCTOR HARRIET ALFREDSSON.

Drake’s ex wife, Harriett is a well renowned archaeologist, whose passion for the dig always came before her marriage to Drake.  Drake met Harriet through her father Doctor Johan Alfredsson.  Harriett is hot headed, vain and thinks she is the center of everyone’s universe.  Harriett always manages to find an excuse to storm into Drake’s life. Usually there’s some stolen artifact she wants him to find, or her father is in trouble and she needs his help. Mostly because she still harbors feelings for Drake and would like him back in her life.

                                                DOCTOR JOHAN ALFREDSSON.

Harriet’s father and Drake’s mentor.  Throughout his whole life he has been trying to solve time travel and he always believed the answer lies with the Lost City of Atlantis.  When Drake was offered a position with Military Intelligence, Johan warned Drake not to take it, because the Government ruined his father’s life.    At the beginning of the series, Drake and Johan have not spoken in years.  As the series moves along they patch things up and whenever some sort of problem comes up, involving Science, Drake comes to Johan for his advice.


     A mysterious man wearing bandages and speaking through a voicebox.  All we know about him is that he used to be a Physicist and he worked in Military Intelligence.  He knows a great deal about Drake and wants to help him find the clues to his past, but why?
The answer may very well be in Source’s past.


Lone gunman
     A Computer Hacker whose real name is Waldo Kasparsky.  Waldo as he hates to be called, once hacked into Drake bank account and stole his identity, causing Drake a world of trouble.  Rather than throwing Ringer in jail, he decides to hire him to hack into classified security agencies.

                                                        THE BAD GUYS.

                                               THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS.
 The man in the shadowsDoes the Man in the shadows walk the halls of Government, or is he someone who has far more power than Government?  No one knows for sure.  What we do know is that he is extremely wealthy and has Congress and the White House at his beck and call.  If they don’t jump, he will destroy them, because he has the means and the power to do it.  He knows all about Drake and will stop at nothing to thwart him from finding out about his past.

He is the Man in the Shadows, hired assassin.  A man who speaks few words.  He’s small with a receding hairline, a thick bushy mustache and dark beady eyes.  He has a long, dark history in Black Ops and would kill any man without thinking about it.  His weapon of choice, a needle dripping with powerful narcotics.




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